Scopes, Binoculars, Range Finders, And Trail Cameras


Modern-day optics have come a long way since Galileo used a telescope to look at the moon in 1609. Today’s binoculars and scopes are something our grandparents could only dream of using for their hunts.

Today’s high-quality optics allow us to see further, and in greater detail, and in lower light conditions than ever before. The difference between looking through top quality Swarovski or Leupold glass and the cheap binoculars we had as kids is amazing.

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Hunting optics are a great way to help hunters increase their chances of success. There is a wide range of hunting optics available, with different styles, sizes, and purposes. It can be difficult to know what type you need so the articles linked above will cover the basics and provide tips on choosing the right one for your needs.

Hunting is an important part of many people’s lives because it provides food as well as valuable time spent in nature. Understanding how hunting optics work will help you get more out of your next outing!

What Are The Different Types Of Hunting Optics?

There are many types of hunting optics available to help you get the right shot. Scopes, binoculars and rangefinders can be used independently or together for a more full view leading up until your target is in sight.

It’s important to invest in high quality optics as they will generally function better and will last much longer than many lower cost options. This also means that the research journey to make sure you choose the best optics for you is important so you don’t spend your hard earned money on the wrong items.

You’ll also find items like trail cameras that we group into our hunting optics section. These work by being left near an area where wildlife might pass through so hunters can see the types and numbers of game animals in the area so they can be prepared before your next trip into the woods. Trail Cameras are a great way to scout areas without having to spend time out there every day to figure out the best places to hunt.

What Are The Best Hunting Optics Brands?

There are many great brands of hunting optics on the market today. Since many of these items use the same or similar technologies and materials in their manufacture, many of these brands make items such as scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, and trail cameras.

Some people get very attached to these brands and tend to stay with the same brand for their binoculars as their scopes, etc. Be careful though, you may be missing out on some amazing new brands that are shaking up the market and making waves with some amazing new optics at prices that make them a great deal compared to some of the more established brands.

Some of the more established optics brands as well as the new up and coming brands are;

  • Bushnell
  • Leupold
  • Zeiss
  • Swarovski
  • Vortex
  • Nikon
  • Simmons
  • Trijicon
  • Burris
  • BSA
  • Sig Sauer
  • Steiner
  • Redfield
  • Weaver

How Do I Choose The Best Hunting Optic?

There are many differences between hunting optics that can make a big difference in their use, function, and performance. Things like lens quality, body construction, lens coatings, overall build quality, and warranty can make a big difference between an ok optic and an amazing piece of hunting gear.

One of the best ways to determine if a piece of optical gear is worth buying or not is to read reviews, and guides from sites like this. Make sure you check out the links above to the different sections to find our articles that can help you learn everything you need to choose the right optics for your next hunt!

Another great idea is to just get out to your local hunting store and try out comparable items in a side by side manner. It can be really surprising when you have two pieces of glass in a comparable price range and look through them both at a distant object. Make sure you pay attention to things like optical quality, overall brightness, clarity of detail, and just the overall feel of the optics in your hand.

Sometimes you can jest feel the difference in quality and when you look through them you immediately see the difference too! Keep in mind though, that once you get to a middle level of quality it can be very hard to determine the differences between the truly high end items and the just pretty good items. That is where real world reviews and usage details from real hunters can really help separate the wheat from the chaff.

Is Buying An Expensive Optic Worth The Money?

Is buying an expensive pair of binoculars worth it? Is buying an expensive scope worth it? Expensive is a subjective term. It is definitely worth it to spend a bit more to get a high quality hunting optic rather than getting the cheapest optic you can find.

This isn’t to say that you need to break the bank and only buy the best you can. There are some great optics in a moderate price range that can work very well for most hunters. However, the opposite is also true. Every time I have picked up a cheap optic I could tell immediately and was always disappointed by the result.

Keep in mind, you will probably spend hundreds or more often many thousands of dollars on rifles, gear, and the hunt itself so don’t cheap out on the optics you look through to find the game and help you make the best shot possible.

Why Are Hunting Optics So Expensive?

Hunting optics are expensive because the best quality lenses, body materials, lens coating, and optic technology are expensive! Don’t forget, they’re one of the most important pieces of equipment in a hunter’s arsenal and need to be practically indestructible.

Hunting with an inferior optic can mean taking shots that aren’t lined up perfectly, slightly fuzzy or dark, and just overall not as good as they could be. This could mean you are going home empty-handed after a long hunt because of a poor optic.

Things such as good quality rangefinders can also provide critical information about shooting distance. This can also be the difference between making the shot or missing the shot and heading home empty handed. If you have spent a ton of time researching your hunt, getting set up to hunt, buying great quality hunting gear, then you want the best chances possible, and a good hunting optic is a very important piece of gear to have.

Hunting Optics Conclusion

Get out there and get your hands on different types, brands, and prices of hunting optics and figure out what you need for your next hunt. Then, spend some time reading our articles about specific pieces of gear so that you can determine exactly what the best hunting optics will be for you.