About Hunt Things

Hunt Things was created to help hunters learn everything they can about this primal skill.

mike Syms with his Rifle and dog

Welcome to Hunt Things. My name is Mike, and I have been hunting and shooting since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. As a kid, I remember carrying my rifle around the farm when most kids my age were playing with GI Joes and learning to ride a bike.

After moving to the city in my late teens and getting distracted by girls and city life, I left my hunting roots for a while. I did get back into hunting in my late 20’s (mostly bow hunting) and after growing up and starting a family, I realized that I truly missed heading into the bush with my rifle or bow.

I am no longer a spring chicken and have realized that much of the hunting gear and techniques I grew up with have radically improved over the years. Although some things have stayed the same, I am often impressed by the new, high-quality gear, clothing, and weapons that did not exist when I started my hunting journey so long ago.

After spending hundreds of days and nights out in the wilderness, I have come to appreciate just how much high-quality gear and skills can really impact your performance in the wild. That said, it can be really difficult to discern the difference between the true state of the art gear that can make a difference in your hunt with the knock off crap that is often peddled alongside it.

While I am not as experienced as a life long hunting guide and I don’t hold any B+C records or anything like that. I am a very discerning person who believes in testing and using my gear hard. And that gear needs to stand up to my use, . . . and my abuse. I never hold back in the heat of the moment for fear of damaging my costly gear. It needs to perform when I need it to, and it needs to provide good value for my money.

Join us here at Hunt Things while we delve into the world of hunting gear, rifles, bows, optics, and more! Follow along as we learn and try out new tactics and strategies and feel free to drop us a message to share your own tips with us too. We love hearing from our readers and look forward to helping you along your hunting journey as we continue to grow and expand our own skills and experience.

Mike Syms

Founder of Hunt Things